Anonymous Messaging Service



  • Does your friend smell bad, but you’re too embarrassed to tell them? 
  • Do you want to end a relationship but don’t have the nerve to say so? 
  • Did you test positive for an STD and need to tell someone to get tested? 
  • Does your boss have terrible body odor that’s literally making you sick? 
  • Do you want to tell someone to get a DNA paternity test for their child? 
  • Do you need to tell someone to back off and leave you alone? 
  • Does someone lack talent and you want to tell them to keep their day job? 
  • Do you need to reveal an affair or secret love child to another woman?

We'll Say It So You Don't Have To!

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When Will The Message Be Delivered?

Messages are placed on a queue as we receive them and will be delivered within 24 hours.

How Can I Confirm That The Message Has Been Delivered?

We will send a delivery confirmation email once your message has been delivered.

Does the Delivery Confirmation Email Confirm That The Message Has Been Seen or Just Delivered?

Just delivered. However, we will notify you if we receive a rejection or error notification if the message is rejected or does not go through.

What Happens If We Cannot Deliver The Message?

We will send an email notice if we receive a rejection or error notification that the message is rejected or cannot be delivered.

If Requesting a Phone Call, Will The Message Be Delivered By An Actual Person or an Automated Recording?

A real live person will deliver the message. We do not use automated recordings to deliver phone messages.

Who Will Be Identified As The Caller or Message Sender?

The Incognito Help Line will be identified as the sender. However, if you would like us to not identify The Incognito Help Line, simply specify this in the optional instructions and we won’t identify anyone as the sender.

How Do Calls, Texts and Emails Show Up To The Person We Are Messaging?

The Incognito Help Line will be identified as the sender. Calls and texts will be placed from a real number that can be called and texted back, and emails will come from The Incognito Help Line.

Will You Have a Fake Text Conversation With Me?

Yes. Simply tell us how you’d like us to respond to each portion of the text conversation, and we will message back and forth with you.

Will You Role Play Or Read A Script to Gather Information For Me?

Yes, this is actually a quite popular request. We can engage in scripted conversations and customized messages at your request. Simply specify what you would like us to do in the optional instructions and we would happy to do so.

Is This A Real Service?

Yes. The Incognito Help Line is 100% real.

How Can I Place An Order To Have A Message Delivered? 

You Can Click Here To Send A Message Now

-William Shakespeare 
Mama always said, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” So take Mama’s advice and let us say it for you. With our discreet service, we will deliver any message via phone call, text, email, tweet or postcard, anonymously! We also offer anonymous inquiry services, with return response delivery as well! No hassle, no recurring fees, just great service, (without any lashing out).  So stop worrying about how to deliver a difficult message to someone you care about and let The Incognito Help Line say it, so you don't have to.



From untraceable calls, emails and texts, to tweets and postcards in the mail, you can direct The Incognito Help Line to deliver any message to anyone, with our promise that it will never be traced back to you. 


Unlike other anonymous messaging services, we aim to add validity to every message that is sent by giving it the backing of The Incognito Help Line. It’s one thing for someone to get a random phone call or text, when they can’t validate where it came from, or if it’s meant to be taken as a joke. But when someone gets a personal phone call, text, tweet or postcard from The Incognito Help Line, they know the message is serious and isn’t meant to be a joke, and its that which makes all the difference.
At the end of the day, we’ve all faced situations where we we’ve had to hold our tongue:
  • Who can argue with the boss? Even if one has a juicy little secret, it is of no good if an employee cannot spread it around the office and expect not to lose their job. Well, The Incognito Help Line does this without the employee being held responsible for it.
  • A friend may have really bad breath but no one is brave enough to say it outright. You can now let The Incognito Help Line say it for you.
  • A significant other can be hard to part with especially if they have a high temper. The Incognito Help Line becomes the anonymous person who tells them its over, while you're kept in hiding.
  • For anyone who has given, or been given, an STD and needs to, The Incognito Help Line is the perfect solution.  
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